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Power of 3


Viral Video


Adidas, MLS & Soccer Bible


VFX, compositing & Endcard branding



I created the VFX and motion branding on a viral promo video for MLS, the American Soccer League - sponsored by Adidas and co-promoted by online publisher Soccer Bible.

My main task was to create dynamic energy elements based on each soccer teams logo, inspired by the Patronum entities from the Harry Potter franchise. Therefore being used as an abstract, metaphorical representation of hope and power in the advert

Famous players were filmed on a green-screen; which were composited in the foreground drawing the number 3 on the screen. The 3 was symbolic of the stripes with Adidas logo, as well as representing the launch date for the tournament itself. The voice-over narrative for the full campaign video talked about the power of 3, in terms of teamwork, collaboration and success.

I was also responsible for the keying, colour grading, compositing and endcard motion branding which brought many aspects of the larger filming and scripting teams work all together to form the final piece.

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