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40 & 30" TVC Advert & 15" Online Virals


Universal Music


Design & Animation



As part of a special one-off set of shows, in which the 90's phenomenon of TFI Friday would return to Channel 4 on a weekly basis for a month - Universal Music also released the first ever TFI Friday, The Album. A hand picked selection of Chris Evan's favourite songs from artists that have performed live throughout the original shows history.

The project began in a pitch stage, with the need to come up with an ambitious, yet realistic proposal. My storyboarded and presented concept, was to build a simplified virtual representation of the set - in which the artist names would scribble along the walls and floor. My inspiration came from the signatures that guests would write on Chris Evan's desk, which was also featured on the album's artist.

My responsibilities covered all areas from technically overseeing the video shoot, of Christ Evan's on green-screen - giving post-production guidance to the director. As well as 3D modelling the set, animating the elements and compositing final renders.

The trickiest part was the integration of a filmed Chris Evans, within a dynamic digitally created environment. Due to the more cardboard cut-out style we went with it didn't need to fully convince that he was there, but in terms of timed interactions with objects and the filmed scale and camera angles it had to be relatively seamless.

Unused video takes were used to create further viral idents and stings, used online & TV to promote both the album and the TV show itself. Overall the project was briefed and completed, within a very tight 2 week timeline.

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